Toy Station

Toys will engage a child and it provide endless entertainment for the kids. They provide plenty of enjoyment and happiness, while playing with the toys they never get tired or bored. At a younger age, getting introduced to toy’s can enrich a child’s perspective and their abilities. Children are extremely fast learners. Playing with toys inculcates many values and can be rewarding for the growth of children’s mind. Toys improve children’s skill set by making them more creative and artistic. It’s even healthier for kids to like toys than video games or watching TV and YouTube videos. CBS News suggests that parents choose toys for their toddlers and preschoolers that teach skills because a young child’s brain will grab hold of these permanent marks and carry through with them all the way to adulthood.”( CBS News is the news division of American television and radio service CBS.) If a child wasn’t allowed to play with toys or didn’t have any to play with, they would feel out of place and sad. Kids like toys because it gives them educational opportunities. Kids do not know to express everything to all, but the toys become the part of the children life and they share everything to the toys feeling like a best friend. Playing with the toys makes the kids to discover their innovative side. THE TOY STATION make them play and educate them with fun.

At THE KIDZ STATION, we believe that happiness is the key to success. We strive to create a supportive and challenging classroom environment to encourage students to explore, experience and participate – giving them values and work ethics which enable them to achieve success throughout their lives. The purpose of THE KIDZ STATION is to prepare the preschool age child for a successful educational future. THE KIDZ STATION provides a happy, loving, and secure learning environment where the children are exposed to a balanced variety of positive experiences. This kind of a learning environment promotes social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in each child. THE KIDZ STATION primary focus is to help children acquire social competence and the skills they need to succeed as learners. We know that school readiness means knowing how to interact with others, showing kindness, compassion, practicing patience, honouring diversity and developing a positive self-image.