The kids station Garden Story

Rose Playground (1-2 Years)

During the toddler Year, it is vital to support children’s natural desire to talk and socialize as they explore their independence and establish boundaries. Our teachers provide an abundance of art, joyous music, and exploratory adventure in supervised and secure environments.¬†

Tulip Pre-Nursery (2-3 Years)

Walking, talking and overflowing with questions, your two to three year old is ready for new social skills! As these youngsters explore how to best express their thoughts and feelings, our Early Learner teachers guide and nurture them with care and activities that focus on the fundamentals of education and the development of positive life habits.

Daisy Nursery (3-4 Years)

In the duration your really starts to under-stand that his/her body, mind and emotions are there own. They knows the difference between feeling happy, sad, afraid or angry. Your child is now more interested in playing and making friends. Your child is becoming more imaginative during play.

Hibiscus UKG (4-5 Years)

Kids in their preschool years learn most effectively though hands- on experience working in groups, and having fun! At THE KIDZ STATION, we make the most of this stage by introducing activities that stimulate the physical as well as the socio-emotional and cognitive capabilities of our students.

Carnation LKG (5-6 Years)

HIBISCUS is designed to help our students become more comfortable with the transition into kindergarten, fine-tune the skills necessary  to enter elementary school, and celebrate this special milestone, also allowing them to engage in physical activity.

Lotus The Day Care

Children who attended daycare for more than one year demonstrated better social skills and fewer peer-related difficulties. “Access to high-quality childcare in the first years of life may improve children’s emotional and cognitive development, prevent later emotional difficulties and promote pro-social behaviors”.