Benefits of Opening a Play School Franchise in India

Opening a play school franchise in India is a profitable option given the fact that preschool education industry is creating big waves. Remarkably dictated by the unorganized sector, this segment of education has been attracting huge investments in franchisee business as there are lesser regulatory limitations and a minimal infrastructural requirement to set up a play-school.

Business plan/ outline

Opening a play school is not just a business, it is a huge responsibility. Here the motive of money-making should be secondary and provide the best services should be the prime most. For setting up a playschool, first and foremost a Business plan must be prepared to take into consideration all important issues and challenges

  • Design a business plan, which should comprise the number of children you think you will take care of.
  • Business Mode: Daycare, preschool, playschool with after-school activities, crèche etc.
  • Location & Infrastructure: The selected area should be well maintained, safe for children and adequate to set up the infrastructure. A playschool can also be started from a residential area which fulfills safety requirements. 
  • Recruiting of Teaching and administration staff: As per National council for Teacher Education (NCTE) guidelines, a preschool teacher must have a Secondary School certificate or its equivalent and preferably a Diploma/Certificate in Pre-school teacher education programme of not less than one year, or B.Ed. Franchise In the last decade, Franchising in the pre-school sector has grown. As compared to setting up one’s own institution, a Franchise involves less risk as they have an already established brand name and offer support in selecting a location for playschool, hiring trained staff, developing good curriculum, marketing, purchasing school equipment, promotions, support in organizing events, etc.

Service Tax Applicability for Schools

As per clause (l) of Section 66D of the Finance Act, 1994 service tax is not applicable for a playschool as it is included in the negative list. Services relating to Education Sector covered under Negative List Section 66D of the Finance Act, 1994 contains Negative List of Services. The clause (l) of section 66D relates to education related services. The said clause (l) of Section 66D of the Act provides for the following negative list services in relation to educational sector. → Pre-school education – includes play schools, pre-nursery and nursery schools, crèche, day care centre, pre-kindergarten or any such purpose school or centre by whatever name called. Source: (Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal)

What Are The Legal Requirements For Opening A Playschool?

There is no specific legislation or certification for setting up a play school in India. The Right to Education Act enacted by the Government of India in 2009 provides for free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 in India under Article 21A of the Indian Constitution.


In today’s era of increasing competition and demand for quality, starting a Playschool in India is not only a lucrative business opportunity but also a Social and ethical responsibility which along with economic gains provides a sense of moral satisfaction and fulfilment.


To Start your own preschool, Connect with THE KIDZ STATION today! THE KIDZ STATION is a premium pre-school that confirms intellectual, social and emotional behaviour of your kids between the age group of 2-5 years. The school create an environment that is “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”. It is a deep-rooted fact that learning at preschool has a significant impact on child’s early enlightening years. THE KIDZ STATION aims to prepare your child with a friendly curriculum and safe learning atmosphere.

Why Pre School is Important?

Kids benefit a lot from going to Preschool because they become discovered to numbers, letters, and shapes there. But, more importantly, they develop social and emotional intelligence and learn how to get along with other youngsters, to share and to contribute. Programs offered at THE KIDZ STATION: All youngsters between 2-5 years are qualified for admission under the following division:
Pre-Nursery :- 2Yrs to 3Yrs
Nursery : – 3yrs to 4 yrs LKG : – 4yrs to 5 yrs
Activity Centre


  • Low Investment
  • Rapidly approaching brand
  • Exclusive Integrated curriculum supporting the idea of positive reinforcement
  • Total assurance to franchisees. Recession proof Industry.
  • Consistent growth
  • Ensure repeat business and assured returns.
  • Quick Break-Even Point (BEP) Potential Franchisee Profile: Ambitious and like-minded personal.
  • Good academic qualifications.
  • Person with basic knowledge of computers and managerial skills.
  • Entrepreneur looking to explore business space in education field.
  • THE KIDZ STATION Franchise Facts: Area required: 800+ sq. ft.
  • Investment: Rs. 2lac – Rs.5lac
  • Franchiser Support.
  • Complete cooperation in establishing the pre-school.
  • Formal training of staff.
  • Support on operational issues.
  • Advice in marketing and publicize the pre-school.
  • Rewards and Recognition.
  • Benefits to THE KIDZ STATION Franchisee: Great returns on investment
  • Detailed operating manuals for franchises
  • Renewable agreement term. Screening & Training of Necessary Staff. Clearly defined territory in the MOU to secure the safety of your finance and efforts.

Want to contribute in fundamental learning of the children?

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Thanks & Regards THE KIDZ STATION Team