About Us

THE KIDZ STATION study program is designed based on globally practiced early learning curriculum. We offer a balanced curriculum of play, creative art, music, outdoor play, conversation, story time, experimentation, dramatic play and group activities.

Our Objectives

Our objectives for preschool children’s

  • Learn how to get along with others.
  • Promote friendship and cooperative play.
  • Strengthen listening and speaking skills.
  • Establish an ability of thinking and communicate correlatively.
  • Develop a habit of having a healthy body and mind and living safely.
  • Develop an ability of thinking individually and act responsibly.
  • Develop writing and reading skills.
  • Development of self-discipline and self-motivation.
  • Valuing each child as a unique individual with special skills and abilities.
  • A growing sense of well-being, happiness and confidence for each child.
  • Having fun, laughing, encouraging the development of humor.