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THE KIDZ STATION study program is designed based on globally practiced early learning curriculum. We offer a balanced curriculum of play, creative art, music, outdoor play, conversation, story time, experimentation, dramatic play and group activities.

The Kidz Station Program

THE KIDZ STATION Program: A child centric program with activities that will prepare your child.


  • Responsible for personal items: coats, bags, cubbies.
  • Goes to the bathroom independently.
  • Tells what he/she needs.
  • Follows routines independently.
  • Independently dresses for outdoors: coat, hat, mittens.
The Kidz Station Academics
  • Identify shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle.
  • Identify colours.
  • Works 24 piece puzzle.
  • Says first/last name.
  • Prints first name.
  • Uses left to right progression.
  • Responds to a story by answering questions.
  • Identifies letters of the alphabet.
  • Identifies sounds of the alphabet.

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News & Blogs